We offer a wide range of Flexible Policies in areas including:
Transportation Property Life and Health Commercial Annuitys
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Individual & Business Products
Insurance was created to reduce the impact of unforeseen events by providing safety and security for you, your home, your automobiles and other personal property. Our skilled insurance specialists will develop a program to meet your unique requirements and budget.

Save money, time and effort by keeping all of your insurance in one place.
Everyone has different requirements when it comes to insurance, but one thing is the same – keeping all of your insurance business together at Phalanx Industries allows us to best meet your changing needs and saves you money. Phalanx Industries not only provides insurance for your car and home, but all of your personal property including boats, recreation vehicles, and motorcycles. Don’t forget the most valuable asset – you and your family. Phalanx Industries offers packages from many of the top providers of Life Insurance to protect you and your family’s future.
Put More of Your Paycheck Back Into Your Life!
You are eligible to receive a group discount off already competitive rates on auto and home insurance.

By grouping, you’ll enjoy:

  • Additional savings based on your age, GPA, length/type of employment, driving experience and more.

  • Convenient payment plans, including automatic deductions from checking account

  • Rates guaranteed for 12 months, not six

  • Convenient and personal handling of your insuring concerns

  • 24-hour claims service and emergency roadside assistance**

Call now and see just how much you can save. Then start spending your money on something a bit more exciting than auto and home insurance!

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For a FREE Specialized Quote, please call (612) 735-7426
E-mail us at quote@phalanxindustry.com

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