We offer a wide range of Flexible Policies in areas including:
Transportation Property Life and Health Commercial Annuitys
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About Phalanx Industries
Vision: After years of experience in the Insurance industry, we believe the time is right for change. We are dedicated to a new model of forging a better kind of relationship between our agents and our clients. We want people to feel secure knowing that someone is looking out for their best interest.

Service: Our business model is simple, yet innovative; we focus highly experienced personnel on overseeing the processes needed for the procurement the most cost effective products with each clients individual needs in mind. We are dedicated to exceeding each clients expectations and providing the highest level of service.

Technology: We believe that the right technology can save you and us time and money. We are committed to offering you the latest in information technology. From online applications and internet contact capabilities, we are constantly seeking better ways to do business, improve service, and extend the client relationship. From information management to the latest in product offerings, we will continue to offer you the most up-to-date service in the industry.

About our Name: By definition a Phalanx is 1. A tight group of people, animals, or objects moving or standing closely together. 2. Ancient troop formation utilized in Greece where a group of soldiers attack and protect with overlapping shields and projecting spears. 3. A finger or toe bone of a human or vertebrate animal.

So why the name - Phalanx: If you break down the definition by the numbers 1. The Agents at Phalanx all have a common goal in providing great service at an affordable price. 2. We feel like we are protecting our clients best intererst as by working together on the front lines. 3. Most of our work is done by using our fingers, although some have tried utilizing their toes.

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